Baby’s Sleeping – Quick Resolution Check!

The baby’s taking a nap, so I’m going to rush through my resolution progress!

1. Be Active

March was a half-hearted attempt at being more active, but I think April is going to be my jam. The weather is a lot more consistent – bonus points for being not too cold and not too hot – and so far this month I’ve walked at least 3 miles almost every day. (I skipped the 6th because Sundays are always busy for me and I skipped the 7th because I went on a day trip to my parents’ house.) If you use Endomondo, you can see my progress here. I also started using My Fitness Pal daily again. It was something I used to use but got out of the habit of doing it regularly. You can see that profile here. Feel free to add me on either program, because I’m always looking for new friends to help me stay motivated!

Also, last night I finished the last Vanilla Coke in my box. Hopefully I will be able to avoid the temptation to buy another box. I will probably still order soda when I go out for pizza or something, but hopefully I will be able to cut them out of most of my life.

2. Make Things

This area kind of suffered last month. I started at least two projects that remain half-finished on my needles, and I still haven’t sewn anything on my fancy machine. The quilt that I’m working on for a friend of mine was supposed to have been done by the 31st, and that didn’t happen. I did have to work on some costumes for the school play, so I guess I did make some progress here. It wasn’t much; I repaired a prairie bonnet, stitched yellow ribbon and painted the buttons gold on a suit jacket to make it look like a conductor’s jacket, and I handstitched a mop cap (using this pattern.) And I made a new seasonal letter, which I post whenever I stop being lazy.

3. Take Pictures

I got a new lens! Since I’m going to Oklahoma City on the 19th specifically to take portraits of cosplayers, I bought a prime lens (a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II, to be specific). I’ve used it a handful of times, including at the school play.

Mr. Harris played Jeb Taylor, a homesteader who looks suspiciously like a wanted murderer.

Mr. Harris played Jeb Taylor, a homesteader who looks suspiciously like a wanted murderer.

Doesn’t the mister’s beard look nice here? Anyway, I have really enjoyed the lens so far, and am looking forward to using it in a more professional setting. I’ll be the most amateur photographer there, so I’m a little nervous!

4. Create Lists

Eh, no. I might scratch this one entirely, though Mark says I need to start trying to make a to-do list again to help me stay on track with all the things I want to do this year. I say, “Boo! Lists are boring! My creative mind needs chaos to thrive!” But it’s not entirely true. I do need to start making lists (with time-frames) because there is a lot to do and not enough time to do it.

And there’s the baby! He woke up so now I’ve got to get back to “work.” How are you faring with your personal challenges?

To Boldly Sew….

After weeks of focusing on solely knitting projects, I’m taking a short break.


This shirt was created for friend of mine whose wife loves Star Trek. They had a little girl back in December, and for a while I convinced myself that (since I missed the “due date” as it were) that I didn’t need to bother making them anything. Well, have you ever had an idea and just had to carry it through to the end? That was this shirt.



It’s entirely hand-stitched because 1. I’m still afraid of sewing knits on a machine and 2. my machine comes with an “Instructional DVD” that I still haven’t watched so that means I probably don’t know how to use it, right? I know. I’m the worst. However, 3. I love sewing by hand. It’s portable (well, usually … see the end of this post) and it’s a great stress reliever.

I didn’t think about possibly creating a tutorial for this when I was working on it because I was kind of tunnel-visioning my way through this project. If anyone is interested, though, I’ll gladly throw one together. But for now? I’m going to be lazy.

For the rest of this week, I’m going to be diligently hand-stitching a QUEEN-SIZED QUILT. You might wonder why I left my crazy pants on, but I have a legit reason for doing this. The quilt in question was given to me by a friend right before Thanksgiving, who was all, “Please fix this so I can give it to my mom?” And because I love him (and he’s going to help me build a computer later) I said “Well of course I will!” It wasn’t until later that I saw how bad it actually was. It wasn’t that a few threads had snapped and unraveled … it was that the majority of threads that held the top to the bottom had rotted and disappeared, and that the batting was missing in spots, and that the binding had ripped badly in some places, and that some of the patches were beyond repair. I showed it to my mom and told her how overwhelmed this whole thing made me feel, and she promptly took it and worked on it. Truthfully, she’s the one who has largely put the thing back together. All that’s left now is to re-sew the back of the quilt through the batting and to the top of the quilt. And while it would be faster to machine-stitch the whole thing, the quilt was originally sewn by hand, so that’s what we’re going to do.

What a labor of love, right? To cut and piece and sew a queen-sized quilt would be something most people wouldn’t consider doing. I’m honored that my friend thought of me to help him restore this quilt for his mom.