May Day!

Happy May 1st, everybody! Man, this month is crazy-stupid busy. Is yours too? What with graduations, ren faires, parties, and good weather, I think we’re booked until the second week in June!

I’m really glad that I freed myself from the burden of the resolution progress. I don’t know how it worked so well last year, but it just was not cutting it for me this time around. I do, however, need to start budgeting my time better because some projects (read: costumes) need to get done in time for June, and none of them are! Granted, two of the four are close, but yikes! I’m cutting it close.

Speaking of projects, I’ve abandoned almost all of my social media for Instagram lately. I really like getting almost instant feedback on the things I make. (I say that now. I’m sure as soon as I get negative feedback I’ll change my mind about the whole thing, haha.) If you’re on instagram too, follow me! I don’t pic spam, swearsies.

Anyway, I’ve got to wrap this up. I’m waiting on Mark to get home – he’s got a bit part in the high school play – and as soon as he does, we’re driving out west to Oklahoma for the 20th annual renaissance festival at the Castle of Muskogee! I’m really excited. It’s kind of my mother’s day present because I’m kind of a nerd. Anyway, gotta go!

Real Talk Time (Resolutions)

I’m going to cut right to the chase: March was another bomb as far as getting things I’d planned to get done, done.

That’s not to say I didn’t do anything; on the contrary I think March was my most productive month yet (though I did gain 7 pounds in two weeks, which I think is hypothyroidism’s fault, that jerk.)

So for now, I’m abandoning the lists, and rocking my own thing.

Be back in a few days to show you the Easter dress I’m making. Hope it turns out as pretty as it looks in my head.